2NE1 @ Music Bank July 10, 2009: I Don't Care & Pretty Boy

Jul 10, 2009

Waking up in the morning and first thing to do was watching 2NE1's live performance of “I don’t care” and “Pretty boy” from Music Bank made me had a confusion whether I was still on my pipe dream or was I fully awake. I was NOT expecting such a great performance from them. They all even look so stunning that I had to pause the video to get a better glimpse of them. More surprise to CL having her hair down like that, I was really astonished with her beauty. Secondary would be Dara where her hair wasn’t pulled up so tightly, instead she had her hair down as well with curly bangs on the side. She looked pretty and adorable with that.

They’re outfits was a BLAST! Black and white colors, though plain just brings more attractiveness with them and it really suits their style. It’s the same with their previous performance where they had a change of their style; their concept there was also black and white. That was performed last June 28, 2009. I’m not sure where exactly the venue was, but I think they received their 2nd mutizen award there. Anyways, I loved their outfits in their performance. They don’t have to look flamboyant with their clothes and look so colorful just to look attractive so that they could catch people’s attention. It has simple colors yet has striking styles.

CL is definitely born to be a PERFORMER! She could just set the mood of the crowd and bring it all in. She knows how to use the stage and plays with her performance. Everyone did so well that I almost forgot they were performing LIVE! Kudos to Bom, she really had a very lively performance here. I was kind of scared that she might actually be ominous again but she proved me wrong. She really had fun singing the entire song. They were all enjoying it. Although there was a backtrack song being played and that you couldn’t hear much of their voices, they all seemed to performed it really well and it does look very convincing to me. But I was quite disappointed with the crowd, they didn't seem to clap when CL was singing the part "now clap your hands to this one" and then 2NE1 started clapping. I couldn't hear the audience clapping though or maybe I just couldn't hear it. It was my awaited part of the concert yet the crowd just failed my expectation. Maybe they were just too astonished to clap there? LOL. The girls had a very strong aura that they just owned the stage especially with their performance of “Pretty Boy.”

Live performance of “Pretty Boy” owned me! The choreography was great and the dance steps where just so smexy and cool. Fierce baby! I can see a lot of waves from there and I was surprised with Dara’s wave too. It was like *_________* pretty smooth! I didn’t see that one coming from her. I had to pause the video when the male dancers appeared and started sitting on their chairs because I was trying to focus on Dara’s pair, for a sec I thought it was GD oppa since his hair was kind of long like GD. Then again I was wrong. LOL.

I’m so hoping to watch the full performance of that song, it was quite sad that they performed it only in a minute. It was still awesome though, having their first 1 minute preview on live. LOL. That performance was really jaw dropping that I saw a lot of surprises from it especially with Dara. I am anticipating again; these girls just always get my blood rise that I felt like I’m alive once again. They just couldn’t fail to impress me with every performance they do. I’ll kill them for giving me ugly goose bumps every time. LOL. I love them so much that they just proved to me that I could be a fan girl myself. HAH! I have never liked a girl band before and 2NE1 just broke the record for being the very first and the only girl band I HAVE EVER IDOLIZED TO THE POINT THAT I KEEP ON STALKING THEM FROM FORUM TO FORUM. LMAO!

KUDOS to you YG! If Sw.IT failed you before, I ASSURE you that 2NE1 will give you BIGGER SUCCESS! BIG TIME daddy! Oh well, I am so overwhelmed right now that I keep on repeating their videos and stare blankly having goose bumps appearing constantly. *________*

BTW, credits to prot0980 for uploading all the videos on YouTube. I’ll send him/her love every day. If you want to watch the videos of their live performances, just visit prot0980’s channel.

EDIT: I still can't get over with Dara and CL's new look. They really look stunning and BEAUTIFUL! ♥___♥

I have finished watching Shinee, 2PM and SNSD's live performances at Music Bank as well and I have noticed something from the crowd. Comparing from the other group's performances, when 2NE1 started their performances, the crowd became LIVELIER! I'm not being biased here with 2NE1, it's just that I have noticed that the audience are LOUDER the time 2NE1 performed and the fact that they SANG ALONG with the girls. I felt so proud noticing this and I thought I got disappointed with the crowd. I take back what I said with my review a while ago. LOL.

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