MNET 2NE1 TV Ep. 2 w/ eng subs: My Insights

Jul 10, 2009

Just finished watching the Mnet YG Live TV Episode 2 with English subs in which I would give my greatest love for YGS21RoyalAceSubs everyday for subbing it that fast. Since I’m done watching it, I’d like to share my insights. Starting from picking up the girls and it seems like Dara is the early bird there and since they’ll be having their debut live performance, they have to wake up very early for preparations. I had no idea who would be picked up first but when the camera started to shoot someone coming out from the house, the very first thing I saw was the pink MIC, by then I knew right away who that person is – Dara!

YG then starts sharing how he met the girls. I felt really happy that my tears were forming in my eyes when he was talking about Dara. I myself felt the same way about Dara before, that having less talent compared with the other three members, I wouldn’t think she could make it in the group but then Dara proved us wrong. I do agree with what daddy YG said, “She makes impossible, possible.” Who wouldn’t if you’re that determined and hard working, right?

One of my favorite part from the episode is when Dara texted CL sweetly that she even gave her some smiley and a heart, and sadly their cold CL-leader replied with only an “Okay.” CL from this part reminded me of someone, and yes, it’s my super “material” (ex) boyfriend. I could feel his coldness again. Anyway, watching that everyone was being very supportive to our girls just makes me smile all day such as Big Bang (especially GD) and papa Teddy. I was wondering if who was that person who texted Dara after they performed their debut which was from Philippines. Hmm.. Also, I couldn’t stop laughing when CL was totally saddened by the fact that the fans were looking for their stylist Seung Ho oppa instead of them. LMAO.

Watching Dara interviewed papa Teddy was love. LOL. I don’t know, I’m feeling some chemistry but I’m still a Dara-Gon supporter. LOL. When 2NE1 won their first mutizen award from SBS Inkayo, I personally loved the hugging part of the two leaders, GD and CL. Although I was expecting a bit more of Dara and GD moments, I felt happy with it too. Knowing that GD does really give his best support for the girls and he does really love them and feels really happy for them. It was kind of cute too that GD was jokingly being jealous that they (Big Bang) had their first award a year after they debuted and the girls, still being a rookie already had a lot of awards.

Why does the atmosphere always change into “awkward” mode when daddy YG appears? He’s like the “awkward mood generator” in every scene. Even if he jokes around especially appreciating Dara’s cute hair, they would still be awkward. Dara was very cute when she was being shy with what daddy YG said and boy, GD’s smile all that time just melts me away. *_*

Teddy and Kush are the BOMB! They’re really cool; I could totally love them every day. They just showed how genius they are when it comes to producing music. They’re purely awesome. When they were saying some advices to the girls that they should “act like they just don’t care” I remembered myself with that. HAH! Yes, I did! I should’ve done that long time ago but I guess it’s too late.

AND NOW! I can’t wait for the next episode! 2NE1 are finally moving to their dorm! That’ll be very exciting and fun but the girl’s reactions with the exception of Dara, were quite disappointed with daddy YG’s announcement. It seems like they don’t want to live with each other especially Bom where she stated that when they’ll live together, they will be having a bad relationship sooner. Oh Bommie, don’t think that way. For sure, it’ll make you and your group build a stronger bond/relationship with each other. Don’t ever underestimate the abilities of Dara, the mood setter. It’ll be fun and interesting, you’ll see and we’ll see. HAH! I was laughing at Minji saying that she couldn’t do anything since she’s the maknae. Errands are inevitable for her. The room is quite big and looks luxurious. *_* I personally would love to live there. I should just wait for the next episode, it’ll be much interesting and fun since they’ll all be moving at the dorm. Let’s witness their relationship grow.

2NE1 hwaiting !


I'd like to add an additional, Dara really, really loveeeeeeees having a microphone. Notice when she was eating noodles and was starting talking at the camera, she was using her chopsticks as her microphone. LOL.

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