MNET 2NE1 TV Episode 3 with English subtitle

Jul 17, 2009

MNET 2NE1 TV Episode 3 with English subtitle is up already. Check out the channel of YGS21RoyalAceSubs on YouTube to watch the videos with subs. Now I'm going to share with you my favorite parts of this episode.

2NE1's Short Interview

Minji started dancing around 7th grade and really likes cross-stiching.

Bom is a bread lover. She studied in America when she was in her 6th grade.

CL could barely speak Korean when she first went to Korea. I know believe that CL has a lot of nicknames and one nickname has been revealved from her and it was "buta usagi" which means "pig rabbit." Best part from the interview was when CL has to end their conversation with a statement "If you still have something you want to know please contact me." It was quite funny though.

Dara went to the Philippines in her 5th grade. Her friends teased her and make fun of her because she couldn't speak English or Tagalog. She cries every time that happens then she stopped talking since then. That was quite sad to know that past of her. From her interview, you can really witness her passion for becoming a star. Dara seemed to have a lot of nicknames as well such as "Bright Dara", "Dara Dara Bright Dara", "Mountain strawberry" or "Santa Clause."


CL's Selca (Self-camera)

CL was very conscious with her appearance on the cam that she had to be careful with her angles.

CL bluntly revealed to Bom that someone caught her playing games with her phone.

We got the chance to see some stuffs from Bom's magical bag that is filled with surprises. We can see that she showcased her spray that is used for moisturizing your face when its dry.

CL trying to capture the "tardy students" (Dara, Bom and especially Minji) who's late for their voice lessons. She's capturing them with her camera so that she will have an evidence to prove that they were late. LOL.

Dara telling CL to be bad for filming her while she's trying to change.

Dara says to CL "Pervert CL!"

CL teases Dara as "SSandara Park unnie" again.
Note: I just leard that stressing the "S" producing "Ssandara" means cheap. Maybe that's why Dara doesn't seem to like being called that way.

CL giving sermon to everyone not to be late anymore.


Dara's selca (Self-camera)

Dara forgots her mic when she started talking at the camera then notice she wasn't holding it then pulls out her pink 2NE1 microphone and starts to re-shoot again with her mic.

Minji kissed Dara's cheeks and then Dara ran away screaming. Loved how the kissed sounded. LOL it was sweet.

MJ and Bom played together with their dance and then hugged each other after.

MJ trying to cuddle with Dara unnie saying she loves her unnie as well then Dara seems like teasing her again and she was like rejecting MJ's affection. LOL.

CL was complaining about her service for Dara's apple head since it's been a service of 3 years and still she didn't get even a single penny from it.

Dara's "WOW" at her finished apple head by CL.



Girls trying to argue that Teddy oppa is not a pretty boy and that handsome guys are differnt from pretty boys.

Dara's making weird sounds while MJ and CL were arguing. It was weird and cute at the same time. LOL.

Teddy oppa promoting 2NE1's first Minji album "GO BUY IT!"

Teddy's x-files, the original version of Pretty boy. I prefer it better though. They should have used that beat instead.

Teddy revealed that he has been featured from the Pretty Boy. He was the one who shouts the "CL" part. Saying that it's the shortest featuring in the world, it was utterly hilarious!

Bom's gift to Teddy when she noticed that Teddy was extremely exhausted, she then offered a "Deer's belly button." Showcasing once again her magical stuffs, her healthy foods this time.

YG's echoed voice about the 'training camp' (I guess referring about the girls moving into their new apartment together) and the girls "we're doomed" reactions.

Bom trying to creeps Dara by confessing to them that she sleep walks. The sound effects were hilarious.

CL's punch moves if someone tries to touch her things.

Dara asking for a padlock for her bed cause she's afraid that the sleep walker Bom might poker her while she sleeps and says "don't touch my healthy foods.." LOL


CL mentioned they'll be having their home welcoming party. I hope they will include that on the next episode with SE7EN oppa and Danny oppa, and hoping that the BB boys will be there as well. It'll be so much fun.

CL thanking those people who helped them designing their apartment and apologizing they couldn't go out and help them with the cleaning. She seemed very thankful and even told the PD to promise her that they would include that part in the show.

The I Don't Care tired version is extremely hilarious! Now I know why Teddy mentioned Dara being the 4D type of person and Bom being the 8D. I can now see why he said that from this episode. Bom was extremely funny here. Minji is really showing her maknae power for being the most hyper member from their group. CL still have her leader role since she seemed to be the most serious from the group.

Now I can't even wait for the next episode since they'll be showing the home welcoming of the girls. We'll witness how will they be living together. I'm anticipating even more.

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