2NE1 @ MayBee's radio (July 16, 2009) I Don't Care LIVE

Jul 16, 2009

Poor MJ having trouble with her headset at the beginning and then CL tried to help her with it. Such a sweet and hospitable leadah~ I love CL even more. Honestly, when I saw that our magnae MJ was having trouble picking up her headset cause of the cable twisted in its stand, my heart was pounding that the performance would turn into a mess but good thing CL helped and they started the song smoothly. I guess the two unnies (Bom and Dara) we're quite busy performing and they weren't being too attentive at their magnae MJ asking for some help.

I love how these girls are so full of energy! I don't know why but every time they perform, they seemed to have stored huge amount of energy from them and then burst it when performing. Not to mention their "I Don't Care" practice at their studio aired at 2NE1 TV's last episode. They were seemingly tired but still they were able to pull off that stress and went crazily hyper. I hope they'll be still as energetic as they are now for future performances. They did really well today. Congratulations 2NE1.

Credits to ygsecret21 @ YouTube

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