2NE1 @ MayBee's radio (July 16, 2009) In the club LIVE

Jul 16, 2009

With such a surprise I was in pure amazement while i started watching the live performance of their song "In the club." MJ and CL started it smoothly and then Dara's turn was like "OH MY GOD ... " I wasn't really expecting that Dara could sing high notes in live. That left me speechless for a while. Bom kind of messed up with the lyric or her tone a bit around 1:30, or was it just me? Dara sometimes gets rumbled with her notes that you could hear it somewhat off the tune (I guess, being flat at some point), but it won't be that noticeable.

CL and MJ are great as always and as I have said before, these girls just keep on getting better and better. The song choice was perfect and they performed it really well and kudos to Dara for surprising us with her unexpected capabilities with high notes, although it's not as an impressive vocals you could hear but she has done pretty well this time around, the fact that she has the weakest vocal from the group but on second thought, I think the word "weak" would soon diminish from her description.

2NE1 just keep on improving.

Credits to YGladies @ YouTube

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