2NE1 4th time winning #1 on M!Countdown "Only One Song"

Aug 27, 2009

2NE1's first performance for I Don't Care in M!Countdown

M!Countdown 2NE1 (Winning and Encore)

and watch Mnet Wide News - 2NE1

I love how they started to have a close up with each members. I love Dara's expression. Also, I love how CL ascended to the stage while she started singing. Everyone looked so gorgeous though they didn't have new set of clothes today. During the encore, Dara was nowhere to be found. I don't know where she went, anyone know? XD Anyway, congratulations again 2NE1!


So Dara left right away and wasn't able to join their Encore and the interview since she'll be shooting a CF together with the Korea's hottest star Lee Minho. I can't wait for this CF to be broadcast. I know it'll be a HOT CF!

Credit to CodeMonmonSeason2 @ YouTube

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