MNET 2NE1 TV Episode 7 with English subtitle

Aug 23, 2009


  • Girls are baking cookies for YG daddy and papa Teddy
  • CL scolding Dara
  • Dara sneaking the other group (MJ and Bom) if they have made Teddy bear
  • Dara holding a ginger bread man cookie cutter and saying they haven't yet made a teddy bear
  • CL shouting "That's not teddy bear!"
  • Minji and Bom made a YG face cookie
  • Teddy knew what's the girls' surprise for him
  • CL's love confession for papa Teddy
  • The Leader recording
  • GD imitating Bom
  • Dara scared of little Ga Ho
  • GD trying to talk seriously with Dara wanting to know why she's scared of dogs but to no avail
  • Dara ignoring GD's answer
  • Ga Ho peed
  • Seungho's "Oh sh*t! He's sh*tting!"
  • Ga Ho sh*tting
  • CL's attempt for a heart to heart talk with the girls = FAIL
  • Dara's first love
  • Minji's stitch
  • Dara's live performance of "Last Farewell" with a mask
  • Bom's kidnapping of Tamtam
  • CL's heart to heart chatting completely FAILED

Watch the rest of the episode from their channel.

Credits to YGSRoyalAceSubs @ YouTube

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