2NE1's Awards in Mnet 20's Choice 2009

Aug 28, 2009

Credits to skn3524 @ YouTube

Highlights at their performance:

  • The entire stage
  • CL's intro in IDC (water effects)
  • Minji's intro in IDC (singing under the umbrella while raining)
  • Dara's intro in IDC (ascending to the stage)
  • Dara wearing shorts and GD's top from ARENA not to mention her hair
  • I love all their overall appearance - from head to foot.
  • 2NE1's Fire performance
  • Minji's bending and splits
  • Pretty Boy solo intro
  • Minji's solo part in PB intro
  • Cameraman squealed at Dara's solo performance
  • Cameraman focused Dara's butt.

  • Bom's intro in IDC. She seemed troubled coming out.
  • The camera man. -____- Sorry, it was cool to focus the entire stage but at least try to focus on the performers properly. I could hardly see their solo performances during their PB intro.

Congratulations to our girls! They have won three (3) categories from the 20's choice. They all looked so stunning here especially Dara. This event happened after their performance in Music Bank today. I still prefer Dara to do their speech, she's the best with it. :) I can really feel they were so happy and almost spazzing for a moment there, even CL had a hard time expressing her speech; she became speechless for a moment. I love it! Congratulations again 2NE1!

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