G-Dragon "Heartbreaker" won #1 at Music Bank

Aug 28, 2009

Music Bank (Winning and Encore)

Although 2NE1 didn't win today, I am so happy that GD took their place. I feel so proud of him, snatching all the top charts. I can't wait for him to perform at Inkigayo this Sunday already. Congrats G-Dragon!

2NE1 "I Don't Care" (Remix Version)

I very much love Dara from head to foot today. I love her new hairstyle and make up, she looks utterly stunning. I love her top too, more like a man's jersey; she looks smexy with it! She was right, saying she'll show her provocative side. I mostly stare at her from that performance. I don't buy much of CL's pants, kind a look heavy to me but she pulled it off quite good. I like Minji's outfit too, shows that she's still young. It's a fashion where teens could enjoy wearing it. Also, I know that Bom has a very pleasing legs. I didn't appreciate that much until now. As much as I was staring at Dara most of the time, I couldn't stop my eyes looking at Bom's legs. (I know, I sound like a perv. XD) It's really white and looks so smooth. Her legs are really pretty. I prefer her to wear those kind of shorts - jeans type. Their outfits today is somewhat of a street style. I even thought they'd perform "Pretty Boy" looking at their outfits but I guess I can wait next week for it. They did a great performance, still love them even more.

Credits to CodeMonmonSeason2 @ YouTube

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