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Aug 7, 2009

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I could’ve killed someone with my glare and I swear I’m about to blow my top when my mom started saying we’d have to go out today and I have to hurry up. I shouldn’t be mad at all but I was really not in the mood at that time and I just don’t know why. It wasn’t really a good day to start off. When I’m waking up like this, and people starts telling me what to do that’s not even listed on my plan and even rushing me to do it will surely lose my head. It’s as if my alter ego woke up today instead. I felt so sorry for what I did though. I could never control my other self that causes vulgarity to other people when I’m not in myself at all.

Later on, I decided to come with them for the Comelec registration. After that, I went to Gaisano Mall to buy foods since I haven’t eaten my breakfast and lunch yet and it’s about 4PM already. I went inside KFC to order a meal and eat out but then I’d have to wait for 3 minutes since I also ordered my favorite classic burger. I seated near the counter while waiting for my order. Later on, I saw someone standing near my front, with his back facing at me. His face was shown a bit by the side allowing the tip of his nose appearing from it. My heart was throbbing so fast that I couldn’t almost hear anything but the beat of my heart when I was starting to realize who that familiar face was.

The world started to stop as I figured out whose familiar face that was. As he slowly turns himself facing me, I felt like I’m almost running out of breath. When I was about to see his face fully, I sighed in a great relief. Suddenly the world starts moving again, my bated breath slowly disappeared and my heartbeat started to calm. I’m glad that he wasn’t the man whom I thought he was. It could have been a bolt out of the blue if it was really him, good thing he wasn’t.

That unwanted moment finally ended and I went home afterwards. I ate my foods and rejoiced with the success of my favorite girl group 2NE1.

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It's pointless to just envy other people's worlds.
I have to change my world myself.

- Sinichi Chiaki,
Nodame Cantabile

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