2NE1 Dara - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/08/16

Aug 16, 2009

Dara: Sandara: Oh oh oh!!! Did you see??
Did you see our Minji?Oh!!!ㅠㅠWoa~~!Woa!!!
Big hit! MinJi is the best!ㅠ Originally I wanted to go to Inkigayo
to give my support, but after I fell asleep I overslept!
ㅠSo I’m so sorry… Our maknae after all!!
ㅠDid really well!!!Since I brought
back many present, I’ll give for sure!!^.^

Dara: This is for my pinoy friends! i’m here in Korea!
Thank you so muck for your support, love, gifts for 2ne1 and yg family!
I’m really touched! I miss you guys already~
Hope to see you again soon 2Ne1nolja!!!

Dara: Arrived in korea!!! On my way at home...
i made alot of good memories there and you guys are fine right?!!
today our Mingki (Minji) will have a dance battle on Inkigayo!!
Us the big sisters won't be there but i hope you support her! ^.^
Mingki Fighting!!!

Credits to Sonia.Shin @ soompi + letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com+ Dara @ Me2Day

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