IU - Gee (SNSD) and Sorry Sorry (SuJu) @ Concert Feel

Aug 5, 2009

I don't really know her at all and I read from a commenter in other videos of her, said she's only 16. I'm too lazy to search about this girl today though so I'll leave it this way. XD I was bored and visited my YT's subscriptions. CodeMonMonSeason2 has uploaded some videos and I tried to checked it out, then I saw this one and watched it. At first, I thought it was Minji from 2NE1 who was talking because she really sounded like Minji, even the way she talks. When she started singing, it was a different story. I loved her sweet and smooth voice and even loved her acoustic version of SNSD's "Gee" and Super Junior's "Sorry sorry." Hoping to hear more from her. Have fun watching.

Credits to CodeMonMonSeason2 @ YouTube

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