G-Dragon and Dara broke a lot of fanboys and fangirls’ hearts

Sep 19, 2009

Finally, this day has come. On the 19th of September in 2009, G-Dragon and Dara finally performed “Hello” on that very special event. A lot of fans, including me of course, have been wishing to see them perform this song on stage. Surprisingly, our wish was granted, and it’s not just ‘any stage’ but it’s a stage from a special event. Yes, it’s a BIG event – Global Gathering 2009. The performance was awesome. Both of them have great chemistry and you just can see sparks everywhere. The choreography was really cute, matched them perfectly since they’re just too cute together too. I especially loved the adlibs, plus those skinships are to die for. They have done it so naturally and comfortably, that’s why their chemistry is in full blast.

It’s a waste if this would not be performed again. It was really a great performance and not to mention you just can’t help yourself but to smile while watching it – at least for me. It’s funny how the fan boys were screaming much louder than the fan girls. Let’s just pray for Dara and GD leaving that place safely and comes home without any injuries.

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I still can’t get over with their smiles and stares at each other and all those natural skinships. I bet GD got a lot of butterflies in his stomach.

This Love and Hello performances [Fancam]

cr: CrazyGD8 @ YT

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