Sandara Park - The best ‘edge girl’

Sep 17, 2009

Group 2NE1 member Sandara Park has been voted as the best ‘edge girl (a lady with an edge).

On internet site Bugs a survey on ‘Which female star suits the name of edge girl best’ from 7th to 14th September. And of the 2,242 netizens who voted, Sandara Park received 1,083 votes (48.31%) coming in at #1 on the survey. Netizens say, “You know that she is a edge girl just by looking at her hairstyles”, “It is Sandara Park’s era these days” etc

Guess which other female stars are voted on the survey.

The rest of the survey results:

  1. Sandara Park - 1,083 votes (48.31%)
  2. Brown Eyed Girls GaIn - 414 votes (18.47%) – she has gained much popularity through the sexy dance and concept with Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ comeback
  3. Jewelry Seo In Young – 306 votes (13.65%)
  4. Yoon Eun Hye – 202 votes (9.01%)
  5. 4Minute HyunA - 121 votes (5.4%)
cr: sookyeong @ Kbites

Yay for Sandara Park! Another win in a poll from Korea. She's getting more and more popular especially right after her Cass CF. I would've voted for Dara too and I have no problem with the lists as well. Though I would've voted Yoon Eun Hye for 2nd place. She's one of my favorite too but Sandara Park deserves that spot, she can pull off any styles especially not scared of doing any (crazy) hairstyle as well. She can be cute, sexy, fierce, etc. Just name it and she'll be as innovative as everyone could expect.

I hope other members in 2NE1 gets to be included in some polls soon (just like Minji and Sandara) I would love to see CL be the fiercest female and Bom be the cute and sexiest unnie! LOL! Oh well, congratulations again Dara, as well as 2NE1!

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