Sandara Park sweeps off G-Dragon's Heartbreaker with a Kiss

Sep 16, 2009

2NE1 member Sandara Park’s solo debut song ‘Kiss’ has went up to #1 on the 2nd week of September on Mnet weekly chart on for its first week on the chart.

The song ‘Kiss’ went up to the #1 spot 4 days after its first reveal, and also the MV to the song which features Boys Over Flowers actor Lee MinHo revealed on 10th September has also gained the song much interests.

With that Kim TaeWoo is at #2 with his comeback song ‘Love Rain’ rising up 20 positions, singer Lee SeungChul’s ‘Love is Difficult’ also rose up 40 positions to be at #8. On the chart this week, it seems that the solo singers are gaining the influence in Kpop – of the top 10 positions, 5 positions were occupied by solos singers. This is something new from the era of the girlgroups in summer.

GDragon has fallen 2 positions down to #3 with his solo debut song ‘Heartbreaker’ and another solo singer Baek Ji Young is up #7 with ‘My Ear’s Candy’. And 8eight member Lee Hyun’s solo debut ‘30 minutes ago’ is also doing strong at #10 for its first week on the chart.

cr: sookyeong @ Kbites

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