2NE1 they Blackjack! Beat that!

Sep 16, 2009

I don't know if it's official that 2NE1's fanclub would be named as "BLACKJACK" but I actually kind of like it. Blackjack means 21 and thus, it also signifies as a win. Since 2NE1 frequently uses Queen and Ace cards in their staffs' uniform or something, Queen (10) + Ace (11) = Blackjack (21) as to someone from soompi also stated that Queen (2NE1) + Ace (fans) = Blackjack (win). It actually makes sense. It's pretty cool though Ace is cool too. Whatever the name is, I'm cool with it as long as we can't be called as "2NE1 fans" anymore.

Here's some translations from the picture I posted earlier in regard to our fanclub name [BLACK JACK]

September 19 Asia Song Festival participation guidelines.

Many people have waited for the fanclub's name and now it's been confirmed as [BLACK JACK]. You'll be able to meet 2NE1 and say your hello(s) at ASIA SONG FESTIVAL on September 19, 2009.

* BLACK JACK (블랙 잭) 이란 ?

: 21이 블랙 잭의 최고 넘버인 것을 인용하여, ‘ 2NE1 == BLACK JACK
서로에게 최고의 넘버로써, 뗄 레야 뗄 수 없는 한없이 가까워 지는 관계가 될 것을 의미합니다.

Referring to the game black jack, 21 is the highest number you can get, ‘ 2NE1 == BLACK JACK
The best numbers to each other and Keeping a close relationship.

Event 1. BLACK JACK slogan will be distributed.
BLACK JACK: 2NE1 will celebrate with the debut of their official fanclub name. BLACK JACK exclusive slogan will be distributed to show support for 2NE1!!Enjoy the festival with friends. CHEERS!

Event 2. YG have prepared special gifts for fans. YG surprise!
1. Never before seen pictures of 2NE1, BIGBANG UFO cards, posters. Lucky ^ ^

Event 3. Cheer Event
There will be fan staff for the day of the event and they will inform fans how to cheer at the festival. ENJOY! ^ ^

Event 4. 2NE1 surprise stage!!!!
2NE1 prepared a special stage.

cr: kailie87 @ soompi [CAPS + translations + info ] + 2ne1's daum

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