2NE1 at Kang Shim Jang [Strong Heart] with English Subs

Oct 15, 2009

I've been having a hard time on updating here since my PC went nuts. I need to get it fix or I'll suffer from this pain of not living my normal life. I'm using my old PC today and it's crappy as hell. So I'm a bit late so you guys won't mind me spazzing late with this too, right? Anyway, I'm glad I didn't watch the unsubbed videos yet and then when I was about to watch it now, salvation has come; I found a subbed one.

I'm loving the intro with Boom by the way. I missed this guy so much and watching him again makes me feel extra happy. Props to 2NE1 for their great first appearance from this show. They did pretty well. I love the fact that every time Dara and Bom's age are revealed, most people's reaction would be surprised. Well, who wouldn't? Both of them looks way younger than of their age especially Dara. It was quite funny that Solbi looked like a 'noona' to them (Ssandara and Bommie) eventhough they're all in the same age. I personally thought Solbi's around 30's or something although I watched her many times since Star King.

Seems to me that Seung Gi could possibly add to Dara's list of celebrity fan boys, eh? Watching both of them interacts makes me giggle in a way. Mmm. I sense someone's getting jealous.. :P Anyway, I'm such a terrible fan. I didn't recognize during the preview that it was Insooni whom CL performed with. CL's still a bit shy but I know she'll work it. CL looks really pretty here, and I thought I was already over with my "girl-crushing-CLroo" this time. CL and Insooni's performance were awesome! Two uber talented ladies performing together is pure awesomeness, not to mention they performed one of my favorite song in "Pump It Up" game. Me and my randomness again; sorry for that.

Minji, oh my. As always, you'll never fail to amuse me in every move you do. It seems like my skin knows already when to have their bumpy transformation; every time you show off your provocative dancing. Goo Hara (Kara), SeungRi (Big Bang) and Minji (2NE1) knows each other way back before, eh? Interesting.. the Gwang-ju's Pride. kkk! Seung Gi's chest pump was priceless. He's still cute, no matter what he does. LOL

Dara's "You shouldn't be a singer" seems to be really interesting as well. Especially the story behind it. Dara, G-Dragon and Se7en seems to be really close, keeps on hanging out together even at the karaoke bar. They're very supportive with our Dara and my love for them grew even more. It was funny when Dara said that during the time when they're going karaoke together, Dara would sing seriously as if she's doing it for an audition while the others (GD and Se7en) are just having fun singing there. She did well during her 'Get Right' performance too. I can clearly see where she got/learned those '3-set Hip Hop' aside from the other 2NE1 members. *winks*

Bom's story telling about their highly hygienic leader CL was funny too! Bommie's really cute as always. I want to see Bommie perform too, it's kind of sad not seeing one, or did she? I only watched this subbed 2NE1 cuts and haven't watched the full episode yet but we'll see. Minji's "Ero-Minji" was quite a shock for me too but good thing Dara clarfied it. LOL. As always, you guys would know what my initial reaction is, right? Minji's uberly AH-MAZ-ING! Dang! This girl could own any stage she's at. She danced three (3) different types of song and yet she was still able to work her sexiness out of it. I could just praise her all the time and still I won't get sick doing it. Brian's sexy dancing was HILARIOUS!!! I swear, I could see Jokwon in him too. Minji couldn't even beat his sexiness there. HAHAHA!

2NE1 and Big Bang seems to be really open with their dearest President Yang Hyun Suk. I didn't even know they had such contract; having no boyfriends for 5 years. It's quite unfair to Dara and Bom, they'll be on their 30's when they're allowed to date. LOL! Dara and Bom's cute request to lower down the year of policy term from 5 years to 3 years was utterly funny. It was even funnier when YG responded to their cute request and allowed it to go down to 3 years. LOL. I am loving the YG family even more now. YG Family is indeed LOVE! I hope this full episode would get subbed too, I love it and I was smiling the whole time while watching it.

Congratulations 2NE1!
You girls did great with your first appearance in a variety show!
Special thanks to TessLoveMusic1 @ YouTube for subbing it.

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