2NE1 Sandara Park, Big Bang's leader G-Dragon and Se7en goes karaoke!

Oct 13, 2009

2NE1 Sandara Park talks about the opportunity she was given to be a singer.

For the 2nd episode of Strong Heart aired on SBS on 13th October, Sandara Park said, “I came down to Korea from the Philippines and Yang HyunSeok who trains singers in Hiphop music told me, ‘You cannot be a singer’.”

She added, “So he persuaded me to do acting. And then when they decided to form a new girlgroup, I was anticipating but I was not given any opportunities to practise.”

“And there was once a chance where I can go sing at the karaoke with Se7en and GDragon. I thought if I do well at the karaoke session, I may be given some opportunity. So I prepared a song and went with them and the atmosphere was fun and then I said ‘I want to try for once’.”

She continued, “After a few days, I filmed in the practice room and showed to president Yang and for the first time he said, ‘I saw potential in you. I am going to give you a month’s time’. And with that I became a singer.”

Meanwhile, during the episode, the 2NE1 members each revealed some truthful talks and also powerful dance performances.

cr: sookyeong @ Kbites

My admiration for Dara has grown even more. She really has determination and perseverance to make her dreams come true. G-Dragon and Se7en were really thoughtful and sweet by helping her to motivate and give her strength to reach her dreams. It seems like Dara's pretty close to them, knowing that during her pre-debut days; Dara, GD and Se7en along with the other YG family were seen at an amusement park around 2005, hanging out together.

I remembered Dara's update before where she mentioned about the "Chili pepper dare" that Se7en told her to do it, surprisingly G-Dragon saved Dara in an exchange of one favor. We all know about his favor, right? [if not, read it here] Well anyways, this just shows how these three really have a close relationship with each other. It seems like they really love their fellow trainee - Dara to succeed in her dream.

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