2NE1 21st Street Musical on MAMA [Nov 21, 2009]

Nov 21, 2009

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Honestly, I don't know when to start. 2NE1 has exceeded my expectation and I was blown away in every part of their performance. When their show started, their intro could already capture every audience. The stage, the musical, the stage act were all interesting to watch. It was an ingenious production! They started it with I don’t care cut the first part then insert their singles (Kiss, You and I, Please don’t go) then the last part of IDC. I swear, I was completely entertained by the whole stage performance that I couldn’t blink my eyes because I don’t want to miss every single detail that they’re going to show there.

Dara’s Kiss – It was the most spectacular stage. Dara did great although her voice sometimes gets overlapped by the MR but she delivered the song quite well. Indeed, she knows how to work her expressions on stage. The Latin dancing at near end was a blast. It was very entertaining to watch because the stage was full of people and the lighting were awesome, not to mention they have a great choreography too but I’m quite sure it was very tiring for Dara that she was catching her breathe right after that. But hell! Drop dead gorgeous and badass chic all in one!

Bom’s You and I – I’ve got admit it, I felt like her performance was the shortest. Why? Because I so want her to perform the full song. I was completely blown away by her performance there. If you’d have to ask me, it’s my most favorite “You and I” performance she’s had. Her vocals were showcased perfectly, I was completely in awe listening to her beautiful voice and props to her she was able to showcase both her vocals and her expressions.

CL and Minji’s “Please don’t go” – This is my most favorite performance there. I’ve got to say, these two are oozing with charisma. They utterly OWNED the stage and captured all the audiences’ attention. Aside from the freshness of the song and completely new to the viewers, they made it far from everyone’s expectation because of their stage presence and their overflowing charisma. I swear, Minji’s vocals are the best and CL’s rapping would totally leave me speechless. These two just gave me non-stop goosebumps while they’re performing. The best duo ever!

It’s really hard for me to explain how ecstatic and proud I am watching their performance! I couldn’t even stop repeating it. IT WAS THE BEST! These girls would never fail to amuse anyone; they will work it, bring it and OWN it! They deserve all those awards, not only 2NE1 but to the rest of the artists that were awarded.


[ 2NE1 Awards ] at Mnet Asian Music Award

2NE1 Female Rookie Of The Year
2NE1 Best Music Video(Fire)
2NE1 Best Song Of The Year(I Don't Care)
2NE1 Music Portal Mnet Award
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