2NE1 Dara - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/11/2

Nov 2, 2009

Dara: HELLO Ladies and Gentlement ?! I AM THE DARAAA
reporter from 2NE1 advertisement team! Man it's so freezing cold yeah?
i can tell that the thickness of 2NE1's clothes are getting thicker and thicker ...
just like the LOVE between Blackjack and 2NE1... ^,^

Dara: GASP!* I left the main point out~! K!
So I assume you all know about THAT PERSON
who will be doing her first solo performance in INGIGAYO on-tv on the 8th?
YESS~ it is (dugudugudugu) 2NE1's Chun Yeo Sa
(I guessChun Yeo Sa is the nick name given to Bom?)! To help her out the
three members of 2NE1 will be on-tv with her as well!
WOULD U LIKE TO BE ON-TV AS WELL? just kidding! ^.^

Yay! Park Bom's going to perform at Inkigayo this Sunday! I can't wait!

Dara: Today, CL learns to ride a bike!!! I don’t know why she tried to escape..ㅋ She wants a boyfriend to teach her but..she’s been waiting 5 yearsㅋ Dara’s coaching will lead to a solo attempt!!! Success!^^ She rode wellㅋ I’m envious of the pretty new bicycleㅋㅋ Merong!! But I’m really cold and my muscles will die!!ㅠㅋ

Dara's really sweet when it comes to CL.
First, she taught CL how to be computer literate and
now how to ride a bicycle. I remember the time where she taught CL
how to change your desktop background and then she keeps on changing
a picture of herself on it even on their phones.
So later when they check their phones,
all they see is Dara's picture on their screens. Lol.

cr: Dara's me2day + vip_gd, ncly & her friend Jin Seo for the translations

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