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Nov 2, 2009

It’s been a long time since I last watched an anime. A few days ago I decided to watch one. I just randomly chose one title and watched the first episode – Nodame Cantabile. I think anyone who doesn’t seem to be interested about ‘classical music’ would find it boring. The main characters such as Megumi Noda and Sinichi Chiaki are quite interesting themselves which captivated me to watch further episodes.

Both of them have a contrasting personality although both of them are extremely talented. Let’s start with Megumi Noda also known as Nodame. Despite the fact that she is a girl, don’t be deceived with it. She can be messier and be really disorganized than men. She rarely takes a bath and keeps on wearing the same clothes two to three days in a row. Aside from her sloppy image, she can be really greedy when it comes to food. At some point, she may steal your lunch box whenever it has delicious foods in it. Fortunately, her grotesqueness doesn’t make her unattractive overall. Despite all that, she has a very big heart. She’s very affectionate and true to herself especially for her feelings for Chiaki.

But she has a big problem to deal with and that’s not just about her sloppiness but it’s about her passion for piano. True that she’s an amazing pianist and can play perfectly the same piece after listening to the one’s playing it only once. She plays the piano by ear and not by reading the music score. Because of it, she plays it according to her mood that sometimes she skips a note or adds a note while playing. Aside from that, she plays piano half-heartedly.

Sinichi Chiaki is the complete opposite of Nodame. He is a perfectionist that he may seem to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. He’s very clean and organized, smart or should I say a genius. He’s very popular in their school that all women even some men falls in love with him. He is extremely talented in piano and violin but his real ambition is to become a conductor. Not only he’s a genius himself but what makes him even more popular is that he’s a very good looking man. He seems so perfect, don’t you think? He’s rich, handsome, smart, multi-lingual and talented and all that jazz. Who wouldn’t want to have him?

Unfortunately, he can be really attractive with all of these but one thing that makes him less attractive is being too arrogant and cocky. Just like Nodame, he also got a big problem for himself. As much as he wanted to study abroad to be one of the greatest conductor in the world, he just can’t because of his childhood phobia.

These two accidentally met and later on develop a romantic comedy drama. It’s really a fun series. I wasn’t able to sleep that day when I first watched it because I finished watching the full episodes. I’m sure you’ll have fun watching it too and I’ll make no bones about it. One thing that I'm a bit disappointed of is, too little romance. I wanted them to be really sweet and romantic sometimes. Overall, it's an excellent series.

I'm still not over about this, I'll soon watch the season two and the Japanese Drama of it. It'll be another non-stop marathon of Nodame Cantabile!

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Nodame Cantabile

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