2PM "Heartbeat" from 01:59PM Offical Music Video

Nov 11, 2009

cr: 2pm

Finally, Heartbeat's music video has been released. I personally love their MV in contrast to their song. I mean, Heartbeat track isn't on my top list from their track but with this MV, I think I'll be changing my mind.

The intro was impressive. I love their expressions, I could totally feel their pain. They delivered it really great especially TaecYeon at the end. The setting and the effects were good too, also their choreography and not to mention their outfits. I love how everything seems to be on darker colors. It resembles sorrow and pain which delivers the lyrics quite well.

I find Nichkhun's hairstyle that somehow sporting Sandara Park's apple head/palm tree hairstyle. I think I saw Junho with it too. Overall, they did a great job but I still feel something that lacks... It somehow feels a little bit empty without Jay. But they were amazing nonetheless.

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