2NE1 Dara - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/11/11

Nov 10, 2009

Dara: Last night..Black Jacks sent presents and every time I opened them, I cried out! “Wow~! Wow~!”ㅋ Everyone’s love was so great!ㅠ Right now, the apartment smells of wonderful food!^^ If I eat them alone, how will they reactㅋ

Wow! So that's what she's been talking about last night.. About which gifts should they choose, well she had to choose that Ramen. She's a sucker for that. Lmao. Omo. Are you trying to be greedy Dara? Hahahaha! LMAO!

Dara: I’m in the beauty shop now!!! I’m reading CL’s book while I’m waiting!ㅋ
I’m going to change my hair!ㅠ My mouth is really cute haha!
The writings inside are exciting and emotionalㅠ
We’re always being helped at night by the staff and we should send them presents?! hukhuk..I’m really Miss Heart, really!ㅠHuk…I’m so nice and warm! Kyakk!^.^

Omo! Another gift. So it wasn't from Blackjacks but from CL-roo! So sweet!!
Indeed, the newly wed couple. ♥ That's just sweet. Haha. I'm being redundant again.
Seems like Dara's really having fun and very thankful for all the efforts of the Blackjacks and from 2NE1 as well. :) Omo. I wonder what would Dara's new hairstyle be. Interesting..

Dara: Quick shot of CL.

Humph. I want to see your full face CL-roo!!

Translation soon...

Ahh! There.. ♥ Pretty CL-roo!!

Dara's Me2day + Translation: AA-Chan

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