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Nov 10, 2009

Way back when I was still young, way younger than now, anime had been really popular ever since Dragon ball Z and Sailormoon came out, not to mention Sentai series such as Ultraman, Fiveman, Jetman and anything that has man on it. Since then, Japanese entertainment caught my attention first making me love Japan generally. So I tried studying about them, about their culture, their language and everything about them. Note: I’m still a kid at that time, yes; I am that of an avid fan of Japan that a kid like me had a thought of doing a research about it. Funny thing is there are only few things that I could remember with those ‘research’ that I’ve done.

Aside from my interests in Japan and anime, I have my own interests in music as well. No, I am not born to be a singer though I wanted to be one but unfortunately, I have been entitled as a frustrated singer. Yes, that’s right. Our parents bought us a piano and the first time I saw it, I fell in love with it. I blissfully volunteered myself to learn how to play it and my parents, without more ado, looked for an endowed teacher for me, which they really did. Since I didn’t have the voice, at least I could express my love for music through piano. I was indeed passionate with my piano lessons. I’d always feel excited just thinking my private teacher would come in our house a few minutes later. I must say, everything went perfectly until my schedule for my piano lessons had been changed.

From that time, I had encountered a conflict with my schedules. Yes, I have schedules despite the fact that I’m still 7 years old. You know what was that particular schedule? It’s “my time-to-watch-Sailormoon” sched. Supposedly, after my piano lesson, my next schedule was to watch my most favorite anime series during my childhood years – Sailormoon. But then my piano lesson starts at the same time as Sailormoon’s broadcast time. I felt so depressed not able to watch it and can’t seem to re-arrange the schedule anymore. Since then, my blissful and exciting moments with my piano lessons have been slowly fading into its oblivion. It seems that my passion for music can’t seem to beat my passion for anime series. I must say, I was still young anyway. So I decided to quit my piano lessons and chose my anime marathon instead. Uh-huh, I have fallen by the wayside. Talking about giving up one’s dream, eh? I know I have regretted it after I got older.

After that, my eyes were set about anime all the time. I could almost live in my own room and seldom goes out as if I have my own little crazy world there just watching anime all day long since cable TV has a lot of channels broadcasting anime series or even anime movies / OVA. So much sticking my eyes at the TV staring nothing but beautiful anime characters, I have thought of a question and asked my father, “What exactly is anime? So my dad explained it, anime is a shortened word for animation for Japanese people, blah blah blah and then he mentioned the word drawing. Then after that, I looked for a pencil and a couple of bond papers but ended up having a pen and a few unused notebooks. Without any talents about arts or drawings in the first place, I started my self-training without any hesitation. Everyday I’d be staring at the TV screen while holding my pen and notebook and starts copying its form without blinking an eye. Through that, I have created yet another passion; it’s about drawings / arts this time. I became like a drawing machine every day. I am quite impressed myself, though I was still a kid, I was quite a perfectionist when it comes about my passion for something. When other thinks it’s already an awesome art, I’d always think it’s not enough so then, every day I’d always learn something new and I am able to improve my skills with drawing. But I’m not actually saying I’m an amazing artist or whatnot cause for all I know, I’m not that good at it not like what professionals are.

If Naruto has a lot of determination to be one of the greatest ninjas, I have a lot of determination to be one of the greatest artists as well. Well, at least I was like that before. People would always tell me, I was born to draw, that I have that kind of talent ever since I was born but for me, it’s not. It’s about passion and determination, talents can be taught/developed as long as these two things are present in you.

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