G-Dragon and 2NE1 are preparing a surprise for their fans

Nov 11, 2009

VIPs and Blackjacks, get ready for a blast of surprises this year!

GDragon to stop all broadcast activities to prepare for upcoming concert

Big Bang GDragon will end his broadcast activities.

This was announce by YG Entertainment Yang HyunSeok representative himself on 12th November, “To prepare for his upcoming concert to be held on 5th and 6th December in Seoul Olympic Stadium, GDragon will stop broadcast activities.”

He added, “GDragon is also preparing for a special even which will take place in December. It will be something that fans don’t expect and we will only drop ambiguous hints along the way when the event is near.”

I was actually expecting this one, but at least he could've performed a goodbye stage performance. I'm sure it'll be a big surprise for the VIPs. I'm quite jealous for those who are in Korea, how lucky they can get to be able to attend GD's concert with his prepared 'surprise' for his fans.

All I can do is to trust those KVIPs to upload HD version of fan cams. It's my only salvation, and I'm such a demanding fan requiring it to be HD. Well, I hope you'd get your rest Jiyong-ah. Please take care of yourself too. I can't wait for your concert.


YG gives reasons to why 2NE1’s year-end concert will not happen

It seems that it will be quite impossible for 2NE1’s independent concert to happen this year-end.

Yang HyunSeok representative of YG Entertainment said on YG official homepage on 12th November, “Recently, the song ‘You And I’ has been gaining good responses, and Park Bom’s single has been selling well and she has been smiling. Even when I am angry, she still continue to smile, I’m really in a speechless state.”

He continued, “With the postpone of 2NE1’s full length album release till early next year, I have one more bad news, which is that the 2NE1 independent concert set to happen on 30th and 31st December will not take place. The reason is that we are still lacking on the songs for the concert. Even though we have competed to book the concert venue. But we see it as important to make one good album.”

He also said, “One last good news for 2NE1 fans – 2NE1 is preparing for a ‘Surprise Show’ on 20th November. With that said, no prior information will be released until the day before the show.”

I wasn't really expecting that 2NE1 would pursue holding a concert this December at all. For all I know they wouldn't be able to release their full album this year. When I read about that news, I immediately thought about the concert to be moved later next year.

What's interesting today, they're planning a surprise for Blackjacks. I wonder what it is, but I won't be hoping about it, cause I want it to be really surprising for me. I'll leave no expectations from this announcement. One thing for sure, YG seems to be fond of having 'surprises', no?

CREDIT: Sookyeong @ KBites

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