Big Bang G-Dragon - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/11/12

Nov 12, 2009

G-Dragon: Tada, what's this~!? hehe. I'm in Korea now.
I have so many things to prepare for ㅜ
Thank you for always cheering me on and coming!
I'll drive you crazy ^^

Uh-huh. Finally, GD updated today on Dara's birthday. ;)
Omo. Ji's preparing for his concert. I'm so excited!
Why does he have to cut the 5th line?
It's obviously Hello performance. kkk! I'm excited with this.
I wonder what kind of performance they'll have this time.

Yay! He's in Korea already. :3
I'm sure they'll be celebrating Dara's birthday!

Translation from the picture:

G-Dragon Concert Setlist:
1. A Boy (Band) - Set up a booth in the recording room above the stage. Engineer video
2. Heartbreaker Original Version (Band) - Fix the original song's opening/Opening track
3. Breathe (MR) - Bed performance
4. Butterfly

G-Dragon's Me2day + Translation: filmsession@omonatheydidn't

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