G-Dragon and Sandara Park's Beats Headphones

Nov 26, 2009

Erm. Not really but remember this? But of course, who wouldn't forget G-Dragon's black beats headphones. For those who doesn't know yet; no, it's not brand new. I don't quite remember when exactly he had those, maybe last year 2008 or early this year 2009. Anyway, I do want to have a beats headphones myself but a binbou like me couldn't afford it, obviously. I believe what he has is the Studio [High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones] Beats by Dr. Dre which costs $349.95. It's undeniably expensive, no? Well, at least for me.

Now, why did I include Dara? I know some of you already know it but just wanted to share this since when I saw GD wore his beats headphones again on MAMA I remembered MaLa's findings about it. Special thanks to her by the way. And so, remember 2NE1's Fire (Space version) MV? Not exactly from the MV itself but during their BTS. It's also not the Tangerine or Tenné colored headphones (on the left side from the image below) she used which was given to them (2NE1) by Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine but the one with the exact beats headphones that G-Dragon has:

What do you think? Is it yet another coincident? Did Dara also have the same thing? or did she just borrowed it from G-Dragon? As for me, I think that she just borrowed it from GD. Why? Because it's too expensive for Ssandara at that time. Lol!

[GD Pics] DCGD | Oz @ BBVipz | 어쩌다 | OrANgE @ popcornfor2
[Dara Pics] Dae-Hyun @ asianfanatics | MaLa @ YGLadies

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