2NE1 Me2day Dara - What is this thing?

Dec 15, 2009

It's almost 1AM in KST already, and Dara's up late again. I wonder what are those? Maybe another thing to be used on their clothes soon? She's talking about their clothes or something. Whatever that is and what it's for it seems interesting. And my guess was right! It is to be put on the clothes and she's back with her guessing game again. "The dangerous things that are in our clothes! keke It is on various places like our wrist, finger, shoulder, etc! I wonder tomorrow...on who's clothes? on what part? [and] how it will be put on!!! Guess! ^.^ The person who guesses right is a genius! If you can't, you're a babo! kekekeke". I don't really know, I saw CL wore those on her jackets before, one of those were worn by Bom too, during the recent Cyworld Awards, the black one. I think Minji could wear that kind of style too, I think I've seen her worn a few times. I haven't seen Dara wore any clothes with those though, it would be interesting if it would be her. So what's your guess?

Dara's Me2day + lovesong @ ygsecret21.com for the translation

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