2NE1 Me2day Dara - Bom's attractive legs

Dec 15, 2009

Dara will finally go to sleep, I guess. Before she goes to bed, she shares a pic of Bom with her flawless white legs. Sexy Bom lying on the couch; she's really pretty, right? I think Dara's talking about Bom's legs is responsible for attracting people, perhaps? Well, I guess I'll just have to wait for the translations. kkk! Seems like our reporter Dara is on her pervy mode right now, eh? Hah! "Doo-toong!!! It's a cold morning! For those who can't sleep, I'll send you a picture that really won't let you go to sleep! [she is in charge of] 2NE1's beautiful body line, ParkBom's killer charm! kekeke Park Bom is dangerous! danger-danger-danger! Everyone goodnight! ^.^ keke". I know Dara, I bet boys didn't get enough sleep today because of that.

Dara's Me2day + lovesong @ ygsecret21.com for the translation

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