G-Dragon and Sandara Park Affectionately Perform

Dec 4, 2009

G-Dragon and girl group 2NE1 singer, Sandara Park showed “extraordinary affection.” And fans find it intriguing.

In the Lotte Cinema “Birth Night Party” held on October 16, the two gave a fantastic performance, which demanded the attention of the people attending and captivated the audience.

The people in the audience noticed the natural stage presence and enthusiastic performance of the two. Some people and enthusiasts even say that it was the best, craziest, and sweetest performance in the show.

G-Dragon alongside Sandara Park, both members of YG Entertainment, took on the stage and really worked it. 2NE1’s Sandara Park and famous G-Dragon performed their duet, “Hello” on stage, to the enthusiastic crowd.

They first performed the said song on September 19, at the festival of Global Gathering Korea 2009, where they put up a very interesting show, with lots of touching, which captured the attention of the fans. The G- Park Sandara tandem roused a little jealousy from the affectionate G-Dragon fans.

Their stage presence and their fantastic duet, made the fans say that things “between the two seem good,” and they are “really suited for each other, their stage performance seems so comfortable.

Some fans even went so far as to say, “I hope these two people actually date,” and that “the older woman-younger man is now on a trend anyway.

Seems like netizens are slowly accepting the "G-Park Sandara" tandem as what they would call them. So far the fans' comments are positive from this article, no? Well, I can't wait for GD's "Shine a Light" concert later. If ever these two would perform together once again, I would want to know what would be the next reaction of the netizens. kkk!

Source: TVDaily
Translated by: Belle, aka knucklepink, aka Mrs. Choi Seung-Hyun @ YGLadies

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