G-Dragon and Sandara Park: Friendly Appearance Looks More Like Lovers

Dec 4, 2009

G-Dragon and Sandara Park performed together on stage for the first time last night, and the too friendly atmosphere was noticed by netizens.

On September 19, the 2009 Global Gathering Korea saw the debut stage of “Hello” a song in G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” album, which featured 2NE1’s Sandara Park. The spontaneity and familiarity of the two performers’ actions, not to mention their affectionate looks to each other, received overwhelming interest from the fans.

We want to create good and lasting memories,” G-Dragon said, and so they included the song, “Hello” into the list of songs to be performed in the open field for the GG performance.

Many fan-taken photos and videos appeared on various portal sites, showing the two with his hand on her arm, and his arms around her, showing their naturally affectionate appearance, which were captured in many different angles.

There are mixed reactions from the fans. Some netizens' reactions are:

“They go well together”

“Dara doesn’t look her age, she goes well with GD.”

“Younger guys, older girls are the trend nowadays, so I’m fine with it.”

“They don’t fit at all!”

“Stay away from each other.”

It’s a known fact that G-Dragon and Sandara Park, both YG artists, are close to each other ever since their trainee days. Their closeness despite the other’s seniority in age and the other’s seniority in performing, is already known to the fans.

This is actually an old article already but then Belle just recently translated it about a week ago and shared it with us. Special thanks to her! It seems like some of the fans don't like them to be together and some of them likes them to be together. This is in fact a surprise to the fans since it was their debut performance together with their song "Hello". But I'm sure you'll be surprise by the netizens' reactions from their 3rd Hello performance at Lotte Cinema "Birth Night Party".

Source: TVDaily
Translated by: Belle, aka knucklepink, aka Mrs. Choi Seung-Hyun @ YGLadies

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