G-Dragon's "Shine a Light" Concert Day 1: Fan pics and Fan cams SPAM!

Dec 5, 2009

Well, not so much fan pics and fan cams though but you can visit AA-Chan's blog for more fan pics. You can also click his blog on my right sidebar. I've read a fan account, I guess I would've died when I was there because they were all saying GD's Breathe performance was SEX! I don't know if my heart could ever handle that. Will update this post if I see more fan pics and fan cams.

cr : damjes07

cr: mashi9x

cr: rkstlrl

* This one is funny. GD flirts with CL, Minji and lastly with Dara. He got pretty excited when SeungRi came because he knew that his date would be a noona though someone said this from youtube tokntxt123456: "GD was thinking CL or Dara was his blind date..ahaha and ended up in the suspense with him getting excited that it was dara..but then finding out it was the other chick (the old chick. lmao laugh.gif)"

cr: TaeisBeBe

cr: meand2ne1

cr: damjes07

* Spot Dara singing Heartbreaker from FO there while GD's watching. :)

Concert song list:

1. Heartbreaker (remix)
2. This Love
3. Hello (feat.dara)
4. Gossip Man
5. G-Pod
6. A Boy
7. 꼬마룰라 (the roora flashback)
8. The Leaders
9. Breathe
10. Parody clip?
11. Butterfly
12. But I Love You
13. She's Gone
14. TY's Where U At & Wedding Dress
15. Only Look At Me
16. Korean Dream
17. 1 Year Station
18. Lies (he did this song alone?)
19. Heartbreaker Encore

Watch more Fan Cams here

Fanpics: as tagged + DCGD: wdaf, ㅇ ㅏㄴ ㅣ , 지옹. , GD&H, 스마일

Fanpics: AA-Chan's Blog
Concert list: TeamBIGBANG @ twitter
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