It was a Happy Birthday after all.

Dec 12, 2009

Finally, my birthday has ended… happily of course. I was actually planning to sleep for the entire day on my birthday, jokingly telling my friends that I’ll wake up on the 13th of December. I woke up around 4PM or so cause my sister have to wake me up while I was gleefully dreaming about G-Dragon. What a good way to end my sensational dream, right? Well anyway, I got a call from my friends. Everyone greeted while asking me if I’ve prepared food for the party while I continue shooing them as I have prepared nothing for them to eat.

I wasn’t sure if they’ll come over to our house but I still I got up, took a shower, put on some clothes, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and waited. So I literally prepared myself than of preparing foods, no? Unfortunately, we have nothing else to cook but rice. Hah! My mom arrived at home and brought us some foods to eat for dinner, but then she has to leave again to attend my cousin’s debut party. Since my mom isn’t the type of person to act sweet around us, she texted my brother and told him to greet me a happy birthday while saying sorry if we don’t have much foods to eat. But I was already thankful that she was able to buy us some foods while a simple greeting would be enough for me. I did plan to sleep for the entire 12th of December, didn’t I? Still, I love my mom and I love my siblings as well although I’m not the showy type of person, but I really do love them.

So where’s my father? Well he did text my brother, greeting me a happy birthday and saying how much he loves me. So I asked to myself, “Where is he again?” I almost forgot that we once had a father, a father who we used to love but was already hated today. The so called father who left us for his mistress, and yet he still can’t help but to continue on denying the truth while putting the blame on my mother who have been with us all the time through the ups and downs of our lives. So again, where is my father?

It was 9PM already and yet my friends haven’t arrived yet. Since my siblings and I are getting hungry already, we decided to start eating thinking that they won’t be coming over anymore. When we’re about to finish our foods, two of my friends, Dabby and Gail came greeted me and brought a cake for me. Surprised as I am, I was more than happy knowing that they’ll be here. A few minutes later, my best friend Ganessa came with her ex-lover Ken. Both of them happily greeted me and they brought me ice cream and a couple of alcoholic drinks. I told them to eat while I served them some foods to eat. My hungry and tired friends willingly ate the foods that I served for them.

While they were eating, I was teaching my younger siblings to play poker. I know, I’m such a good elder sister. After a while, the infamous lovers in Ordips have arrived – Chenee and Peter featuring their first "daughter" Lester. Then again, greeted me and brought another food and gave me a gift. All of my friends have gathered already and ended up playing poker with my younger siblings. We ate all the foods they brought while some of us are having our own photoshoots while the other are busy “gambling”, pretending they have money to gamble.

I wasn’t really expecting this on my birthday; I’ve only planned sleeping for the entire day but ended up awake until today. Sigh… I’m so blessed having a mother, siblings and friends like them, no? I don’t need gifts anymore, just by having them is more than enough. I am so blessed to have them in my life and I am very thankful to God for giving me such precious treasures. I love them very much!

To my only family who has been with me through thick and thin; thank you and I love you!

To my friendsNeil, Abegail, Ganessa, Ken, Chenee, Peter and Lester who celebrated with me on my birthday and who literally provided the foods for the celebration; thank you and I love you! Add on, to JP who surprisingly called to greet me as well; thank you!

To my friendsDennis, Jason, Aiza, Aldred, Aundrey, Chiduri, Angeli Zhooky, Jopal, Shing, Ralph, Vea, April Rose, Jasi, Miyu, Cindy, and my cousin Carlo who have sent their greetings to me; thank you and I love you!

To my fellow Applerskittyninja, suedbee, mushymuff, jaragon, sexychiic, omo, matsujen, Casandra_Yson, enjell, Chiffie, lira, Mamee18, buffy07, oblivious2dobvious, inimeg19, why_gee15, crown princess star, missfalafox, knucklepink, skittles03, mildlyfree, nhichole18, mhesha, ayane000, gelai8134, mae22, jane_pink25, rie, YelleUnnie, carl28, euphibia, acupracacia, haneetrix, unexpectedperson, baginjiful, toxic_dreamz7, pam31, jhalci_GD, pipa, jamielovestobang21, sweetpotato, icon_999, rockfairy, Miel, quirkyromantic, twnx81, twingotwing, iznaberry, xoluv21, bb21_fan, sunakolove, GorgeouZ, tim2x, DARA-G, jergen, MaLa, lumos_x, yanienoah06, cm-choi, zee_329, michelle91 and awura for sending me all their greetings in a special way; thank you and I love you!

To my friends in facebook who posted a comment on my wall to greet me – Andika Adhe, Ceejaye Ferrariz, Resa Siswanto, Jonna, Byron Scott, Opick, Prince Airwind, Danny Dave, Md Adil and Angelo; thank you!

To the Anonymous users who commented and greeted on my previous posts;thank you and I love you!

Then I guess I wouldn’t have to write the part two of my “Utterly Lonely Birthday” now, would I? (winks)

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