Today is Kawen-chan's and SeungRi's DAY!

Dec 11, 2009

Uh-huh! It's our Beerday already! We're getting old. I just turned 2 2 2 2 NE 1 now, while SeungRi just turned 19. Wow, just like their thriller drama 19, no? Haha! Well, I've always been celebrating a sad birthday every now and then, but I've already received advanced gifts - Hello fan cam and Dara's me2day update with G-Dragon calling him Oppa!

I hope I'll have a happy day today cause I don't want to write an entry of "Utterly Lonely Birthday" Part 2. Haha! Thank you for all those who have greeted me today, at 12 Midnight. Especially to the Applers, wait... they're the only one who greeted me. Haha! ~ ♥ I love you all!!

Special thanks to the Applers who have greeted me on this 12 midnight Mika-chan, Mushy-bff, Soobie-sama, Jaragon, Sexychiic, Omo, Matsujen, Casandra_Yson and enjell. Did I miss anyone? Tell me if I did cause I will include your names here. Haha!

Also to my friends Chris, Dennis, Jason, Neil, Chudiri and Lester. Haha! Anyway, let's all have a happy day, ne? :)

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