Sandara Park and G-Dragon [Daragon] featured on EPOP Malaysian Magazine!

Dec 12, 2009

Seems like the Daragon couple (2NE1's Dara + BIGBANG's G-Dragon) is getting more and more popular now that they were even featured on the 03 Issue of EPOP - a magazine from Malaysia.

(Sandara/Dara) + (G-Dragon) = DARAGON ?! Its true, this couple is from the baby face girl in 2ne1, Sandara and the leader of big bang, G-Dragon! Whats the relationship between Dara that is born in 1984 and G-Dragon who is born in 1988? Actually, this senior and junior couple had been maintaining their friendship that is far more CLOSE than a brother-sister relationship for all this while.

Isn't it amazing that this couple would reach this far to the point that it was even featured in a magazine? I guess more and more people are getting interested with this cute & hot couple today. It seems like the writer of this article is a lurker of our Daragon Hideout? But anyway, I hope this would get translated fully.

michelle91 @ YGLadies for the scanned image from EPOP mag + translations

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