[Shine A Light Concert] G-Dragon ft. Sandara Park - Hello

Dec 8, 2009


Okay. I'm calm now. First off, I even forgot to put credits on the person who uploaded this video. Lol. So credit goes to rkstlrl for uploading the video on YouTube and to kises blog♥ for without fear, uploading her fan cam. These two persons don't know how many people made them happy. So, seriously, Thank you!

After for the long wait and with all the "Conspiracy Theory" going on, finally the most awaited fan cam - Hello was uploaded. Should I say it again? When Dara said on her Me2day that Hello was the best performance, she wasn't lying! For all I know, basing from the fan accounts I have read, they have said that Hello was just the usual Hello performances that they have performed. But after watching this fan cam, I say that I disagree.

Hello was by far the most amazing stage production from his concert, IMO. Who would've thought that the stage concept were more into a Fairytale Story Book (kind of reminded you with Butterfly, don't you think?) and a Wedding-ish theme more especially at the near end of the performance. The wedding bouquet, the wedding cake, and not to mention the special appearance of Gaho's pic closing their story book at the end with their name GD and Dara written below Gaho's pic. I thought my spazzing would end there but HOLY GAHO! They had to include "Happy Ever After" to finally end it! How freaking sweet is that? But I mean, seriously? I don't think that's the main concept of Hello song, as far as I could understand the song, it's more about tips of how to court a girl and does not talk about a love story ending up marrying happily at the end. Lol.

I had so much fun watching their performance. No wonder why Korean fans got jealous because they've got amazing rapport and chemistry going on. But I wasn't spazzing just because of it, but the fact that both of them were overflowing of pure love! Their chemistry just comes out naturally and I didn't know GD can be that of a gentle man gently assisting Dara and lifted her up to the platform. Now that's what I call natural sweetness. I love how they had to enter to that Heart Apple thing to exit. The time when GD had to lean on Dara's shoulder that he had to bent his knees to reach her and hold it for quite long while linking their arms together was pure bliss. And that EPIC HUG! Who wouldn't miss that? It's pure love. It wasn't just a small hug, it was a big BEAR HUG! To the point that GD bent his knees again to reach Dara and he hugged at her waist to make sure Dara would hug him back, as said by Soobie-sama, but could it also be GD was planning to lift-hug her as well? Though Dara's feet was almost off the ground already. Lol.

I cannot not love G-Dragon more. Seriously, I love him even more know!I'm sorry, it took me almost one day to edit this post due to spazzing too much last night. Ahh, I just love it! Perfect advance gift for me on me Birthday! Thank you!

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