2NE1 Me2day Dara - Dara's Babies [Dec 8-9, 2009]

Dec 9, 2009

Yes, her babies CL and Minji, of course! Dara's update today will be featuring all about her two babies. Before she goes to sleep, she expressed her love for her babies saying "Charisma! Force! Powerful dance! And they really really understand their position even though they are youngerㅋ To me, they are cute children and should be loved as such!^.^ Maknaes, fighting!!! Good night~!". She really just can't hide her love for these two, don't ya think?

Well it seems Dara got a new phone now, eh? Did she buy it or someone gave it as a gift for her? kkkk! Anyhow, I love the color of her new phone. It's green and I love green! And Dara is such a fan of CL and Minji as she said "Reminiscing about the cute ‘Please Don’t Go’ team! Practice time~ Some day I changed to a new cell phone.. I didn’thave a picture of CL as the backgroundㅋ Take the cute picture, pick it and then add the background screen! Minji discovered it the next day!!ㅋㅋ She took my phone and changed the background screen with her own photograph!ㅋ"

Don't you just love Baby Minji? She's so damn cute and yet will turn into an "Ero Minji" as she performs on stage. Well it seems that Minji was the one who discovered how to put a pic as a wallpaper on Dara's new phone. Eventually, she made her own wallpaper on Dara's phone. "And when CL saw it the next day, she substituted it with her own photo, then the next day Minji changed it again..and again CL.. Minji.. The background screen was occupied with this!ㅋ I saw what the cute younger girls were up toㅋ Finally, they stopped and it was over!ㅋ"

Dara and her naughty side. She's really into CL-roo, no? Well, who wouldn't? CL is just too hot to resist! "Wassup?! Dudundudun… CL is sleeping now! For the Black Jacks!ㅠ This was taken in the waiting room! *One of them is computer illiterate* and I uploaded it!ㅋ It’s a secret!ㅋ Shh! Sexy Rin~~~! Come on~!"

Inserts CL-roo's update... "Crazy Dara is giving me a hard time." I'm sure you still love her CL-roo, no matter what! :)

Ahh! I remembered those times back when they just debuted. Dara and her infamous Palm Tree hair was so trendy back then that even here in our city, I randomly saw a girl channeling Dara's hair when I was eating at a restaurant. "The ring’s cute, right?ㅋ One person coconut tree head doll!ㅋ If I open these drawers there are secret things inside! Bom has two different vitamins in there~ There are pictures of 2NE’s we took~ My treasure trove^^ Although we just came home, we’re seeing some dramaㅋ Bbyong!^.^" This update was from [Dec. 8, 2009]

And just because CL is cute... "Search for Dara!! CL’s may appear venomous, but she looks really good in this pictureㅋㅋ Who is behind her!ㅋYou can’t see her face!ㅋ Now we came in after going outside for a short time~ Then, we’ll go out, get picked up and I’ll contact again at the house!^.^ Bbyong~!" I'm pretty much sure that it's Dara behind CL. Lol! This update was from [Dec. 8, 2009]

Dara & CL's Me2day + AA-Chan for the translations

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