2NE1 Me2day Dara - TTFM MV Behind The Story P-2

Mar 17, 2010

Dara: Tada~! The last pictures and this picture is something I posted up from our Chae Rin's phone~! Don't you like it?! ^^ Little extraskeke They insisted that they would do this, so they did, but they filmed this sweating even more than their solo shots keke You adorable ones! Thanks to you, it turned out so well! Thank you~! Kiss kiss~!

Dara: D to the A! R to the A! Yeah~! Yeah~! ke When I often rap, CL-Roo says "Unnie ke this is some awful rapping~" keke When I was recording the rap portion for Kiss, Teddy oppa said "Dara~ there are three rappers in her! keke Do it well!" keke Me trying to rap in front of Teddy oppa, CL-Roo, and Mingkki was... commendable. keke This is a bonus picture~!...
Dara: Good morning!^.^ Did you see Reporter Dara's Star Diary today? How was it? I broke a sweat trying to finish it before the deadline. keke This is Reporter Park's first debut piece keke Yoohoo! This is a little present for Black Jacks~ Black Jack is 2NE1's big present~! (gasp.. Dal-Ong.. can't do rap. keke It would be embarrassing if CL-Roo saw this! ke) Unnie...

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