Dara's messages on SAL Photobook: "It isn’t surprising that cute Jiyong steals the hearts of fangirls."

Mar 16, 2010

For Jiyong’s fitness and strength during the preparations for his concert, his mother makes him beef soup.

Jiyong has been eating this beef soup every single day.

I don’t know why but when you think of Jiyong, you’d think he’d like foods like spaghetti and pizza.... but it turns out he really likes Korean food.

He manages to survive until the end of the concerts thanks to his mother’s beef soup. Maybe he ate it a bit too much though?

“I swear I’m gonna become a bear after all this.....” [beef soup = 곰국 which when literally translated becomes ‘Bear Soup’]

But even though he whines, he always manages to finish a bowl of his mother’s beef soup just like that.

Jiyong has been in beef soup-appreciation mode lately.

Read more translated bits about Dara's message after the cut

“Anything to say about Jiyong who performs with you?”

“I think that as a hot icon, it isn’t surprising that cute Jiyong steals the hearts of fangirls.

And its also great to always see him confident...Working really hard but really letting loose when he’s on a break! That’s his style.

As we’ve been working together, I can’t help thinking how chic he is but it’s also impressive that at the same time, he takes care of all the people around him and thanks everyone.”

t’s finally the day of the concert.
Jiyong doesn’t even look nervous, just chilling out...so why is it that I’m shaking?

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Translation by: sjay.x @ BBVIP.net

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