[03.22.10] Sandara Park 12 Part 'Star Diary' Part 9- “What the 2NE1 members do while at their apartment..”

Mar 21, 2010

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2NE1's mix and matched framework is not much different from on stage. What kind of image do these girls have outside of their dazzling performances?

While it may seem like they like going to clubs and living a free lifestyle, the truth is that Sandara Park's hobby is doing the laundry and Park Bom enjoys cooking.

"When we don't have practice, we mostly spend our time at the apartment. It's not that we're not allowed to go out, it's just that we don't really have anywhere to go. What do our members do at home? Minji is singing 24/7. As for me, I keep on doing the laundry."

Recently, Sandara Park learned how to use the washing machine from CL. Since she was a celebrity starting from when she was young, Sandara almost didn't know how to do any housework. After learning how to do the laundry for the first time, she became really into it.

"The truth is, I can't cook very well. When it's dinner time, Minji cooks stew and CL makes ham and eggs. Me? I set the table.(Laughs) Park Bom can make really good cookies. But one summer, she made cookies and it was so hot I thought I died. Ah. Cleaning? We each clean our own room."

Through the four of them living together, it seems that their roles have really been divided well. So well that they seem to even be able to match their breathing on stage.

One of the things at the centre of 2NE1's personal life is that age is just a number. Essentially, the role of 'unni's and 'dongsaeng's have reversed. Gong Minji tells Sandara Park often that she's cute.

"My dongsaengs tell me that I'm cute. It's been reversed right? Honestly speaking, the four of us (CL, Sandara Park, Gong Minji, Park Bom) have quite a lot of energy. But we're pretty sensitive. So whether we're tired or happy, we're always relying on each other. When we're just amongst each other, everyone does aegyo a lot. Although I don't know if you'd believe it. (Haha)"

2NE1 are music bugs. They haven't experienced much outside of music. When asking her 'Have you ever ran away', she said they didn't. Then we asked 'What is the thing that you want to do the most?' and she replied 'We want to go to Lotte World.'

A while ago, Sandara Park took a vacation in Japan. She said that the most memorable part of it was going to Disney Land with the other members. She expressed her feelings about how it was an unforgettable memory, being able to play freely and enjoy themselves after so long. Not only that but the fact that both Koreans and Japanese people could recognize 2NE1, she felt thankful.

"Our members don't really like going to clubs. We all really want to go to Lotte World. We said that we'd go while wearing masks, but we still haven't gone. We should go before it gets too hot.."

Although Sandara Park has been pretty calm during the interviews, when she talks bout her life with the other members, she looks the happiest.

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com
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