2NE1 Me2day Dara - I want a new nickname!

Mar 22, 2010

Dara: Whats up!? I'm debating carefully with my close friends..about my nickname Dar-ong! Shouldn't I change it now? I want to ke Darong Darong is cute but for some reason I'm worried that if people keep calling me that I'll become even older ke My body and my mind too ke ke ke I want to change~change~ my nickname to something young, cute and lively like Babylin, Pumping Minji, or Youngchoon~! Kyak...

Dara: Ssantokki is cute but.. if I use that people keep giving me food and trying to raise me like a pet.. My newly acquired nickname of Chipmunk is cute too but people keep telling me to do tricks ke They make fun of me by calling me Munkmunk~ㅠ ke Is there nothing good? I'm choosing a new nickname~! Ah come on! ^.^

Aww.. our Darong wants another nickname. Darong or Ssantoki is cute already! LOL. Meh. I can't think any cute nickname for ya Dara-ah. keke! How about Kani? Haha wink wink~

Dara's Me2day + Translation by GEE @ YGLadies

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