Sandara Park, “Please give me a new nickname other than DalOng!”

Mar 22, 2010

2NE1 Sandara Park has asked fans to think of a new nickname for her.

Sandara Park wrote on her me2day page on 22nd March with a photo of herself attached, “Wassup!?ㅋI’ve been thinking about this together with those around me..ㅋIt is about the nickname DalOng! Isn’t it time to change it now? Because I wish toㅋDalOng DalOng it’s a cute nickname but it’s a little weird to keep calling it for no reason ㅋBody wise and heart wiseㅋㅋㅋI also want a short, cute and healthy nickname like baby Rin, Poppin MingJi and YoungChoon~!Kyak”

Fans have started giving Sandara Park the nickname of DalOng formed by joining ‘Dara’ and ‘Ong’ together. Netizens have been engaging in heated discussion after this to come up with new nicknames for Sandara like ‘SsanCho (short for Ssandara elementary school kid)’, ‘Dal-Rabbit’, ‘Da Roongie’, ‘Queen Dara’, ‘Dal Tokie’ leaving over 100 over replies to the post.

Sandara Park then replied “Ssan-Rabbit is cute.. I wanted to raise some and feed them.. A new chipmunk nickname is cute too I can then always have fun saying it ㅋ Is there any other good nicknames? Let’s pick a new nickname~! Ah come on! ^.^”

S: Newsen
Translated by sookyeong @ KBites

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