090702 Mnet YG Live TV [BIG BANG, 2NE1, TEDDY, YANGGOON, GUMMY] Episode 1

Jul 2, 2009

Instead of embedding the videos here from you tube, I'd rather put the link only. It seems like my page loads a bit slower when I put the videos here. So here are the links:

Mnet YG Live TV Episode 1 [Part 1]
Mnet YG Live TV Episode 1 [Part 2]
Mnet YG Live TV Episode 1 [Part 3]
Mnet YG Live TV Episode 1 [Part 4]
Mnet YG Live TV Episode 1 [Part 5]

**credits to katiemailer for the videos. ♥

The FULL 1st episode of YG TV is finally out! Unfortunately, there are no English subs yet but I found some people trying to translate some tid bits. Anyway, I’m too lazy to make a post today so I’ll just edit this post whenever I’m feeling better.

Anyway, I totally enjoyed watching the first episode despite the fact that I didn’t understand a word from it. Dara has never changed; she’s still very dorky and wacky. Never gets scared of showing funny faces on the cam. The show won’t ever be boring and dull if she’s around. My favorite part is when Dara was saying something to CL and then making hilarious creepy face behind her then she keeps on punching CL’s back. That was PRICELESS, I say. LMAO. (find it on PART 2 around 7:50)

I spotted a TOP x Dara moment too. That was really cute of them. Plus, seems like Dara-unnie can’t live without having any microphone, she was using a brush as her mic around that time. Anyway, I would wait for some GD x Dara moments more. I’ll prepare an eagle eyes for that, scrutinizing every single episode. *EVIL GRIN*

DaeMin are ADORABLE! Loved their part where they had to talk about their ‘awkward relationship’ which is about Minji being Daesung’s girl version. I found some translations from this part.

QUOTED from GDCL @ soompi
“2NE1 MinJi, “I’m okay with the concept as the female DaeSung”

Mnet ‘2NE1 TV’ which shows the girls and what they do in 24 hours, starting to air from 2nd July, features member MinJi talking about her feelings being said to look alike to Big Bang member DaeSung and to be called the female DaeSung.

In the show, they featured the girls meeting up with the Big Bang members at the end of their music show recording and at the MV filming site for the boys.

After seeing MinJi, DaeSung said, “Recently, I’m sorry to say but we still can’t really see eye to eye. It is still quite awkward for the 2 of us.” Yang Hyun Seok also added, “Our MinJi is the female DaeSung.” causing a wave of laugther in the fiming site.

MinJi responded, “People said we look alike”. And DaeSung said, “MinJi ah, why do you always look like me. You look more outstanding (look better) than me. This must have been quite hurtful for you.” MinJi, “No, we are charming.”


I wasn’t expecting CL would be fun too. I thought she’d be like serious and all. She proved me wrong. I totally love seeing this side of her. As for Bom, she’s quite random and I love her the way she is. She’s just quiet and seldom talks. I guess Bom-unnie’s dorky-ness comes out when Dara’s around her.

Loved how the girls are so closed with each other, and seeing them together having fun is PRICELESS.

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