2NE1 - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/07/15

Jul 14, 2009

CL's me2day UPDATE

Such a sexy pose. Dara looks pretty here while drinking her
ice coffee (?) I guess CL was trying to say apple head
and her "Peulraseutikkeop" which I think is an engrish term
of "plastic cup" lol. Sorry, google translations again.

Since CL didn't update her me2day yesterday, she sure did update it early today around 10:30 in the morning. LOL. Bom still doesn't have any updates on her me2day. Maybe she's too busy with something or just being lazy to update? LOL. I'll be adding their updates here as soon as I get some updates from them. :)


The Dara, MJ and Bomi just updated their me2day. Here are the photos. :D

Dara's me2day UPDATE

Their room is so spacious o_____o
I think it's too big for the four of them.
A lot of people did notice the "Dara's shrine"
and I think their watching 2PM. Dara and MJ seriously
watching the show while Bom seems to be tired? XD

They're somewhat practicing for the radio tomorrow (?)
"2NE1 TV completely ridiculous!" was mentioned from
her caption and I'm guessing some of the translation
that Dara sent a mail to CL saying
Dara wants some coffee (?) haha.
I'm just guessing the google translations again.. XD

Minji's me2day UPDATE

Maknae and the two mean PARK-unnies lol. XD
They're all adorable, aren't they? XD

Credits to 2NE1's me2day.

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