Infinity Challenge: SNSD - Gee Parody

Jul 13, 2009

I found this video out of boredom while trolling over YT. I knew it'll be hilarious because they're known for making parodies of most Korean music videos. I first saw them doing their Haru Haru by Big Bang parody and it cracks me up. I'll be posting it here right after this one. SNSD's Gee is a cute song too and I do like it, but seeing this parody makes me like it better than the original. HAH! It's just so hilarious that I'm having fun watching it. The new Tiffany looks so good with her mustache and beard LMAO. "Jan" Hyohyeon looks gorgeous by the way. HAH! "Myeong" sica projecting a lot of charismatic expression. LMAO. Just enjoy watching.

Credits to oniontaker @ YouTube

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