Lee MinHo & Sandara - Cass CF Interview at Section TV

Sep 11, 2009

The interview was great. Sandara Park seems to be comfortable and less awkward around Lee Min Ho and vise versa. I was happy that the MC there was Park Seul Gi, she is fun and hyper as always. She's actually my favorite female MC. Anyway, I find it funny during Sandara and Min Ho's photoshoot where they have to place a bunch of thick magazines under Sandara's feet so she would not look that small compared to Lee Min Ho. I have to admit, both of them are undeniably hot together and not to mention they both have great chemistry together. I hope these two would have a drama together soon. Sandara was gorgeous and absolutely stunning during that interview, and not to mention Lee Min Ho was also hot and glam there.

The video has been subbed in English already.

cr: Eternalmerkamoon1 @ YouTube

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