Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho - KISS - FULL MV

Sep 8, 2009

What else could I say? HOT! The CF is worth the wait. Lee Min Ho and Sandara Park both looks hot together. They have chemistry but not as much since they have to work a bit about the little awkwardness. Sandara Park's song entitled KISS is perfect for the CF / MV itself. The plot was the usual playboy meets the-girl-not-to-mess-up-with. It seems like they needed to add more scenes to fully understand the plot.

I love how Sandara Park can be cute, sexy, fierce, pretty, etc. She can have any character since her beauty and charisma matches any kind. In short, she has a versatile character. Her acting skills did improve a lot as well, not only in terms of singing and dancing. I love how she delivers her emotions quite well through her facial expressions.

Lee Min Ho, this guy is undeniably hot and handsome. Perfect character to take the role of a playboy type. His character "Gun Jun Pyo" from "Boys Over Flowers" is quite visible here as well. At the end of the video, Sandara Park left him. Since Min Ho's friends made a bet on Dara to kiss her, Min Ho got the money and did it. Sandara, who didn't like what he did, knew all along about the bet. Min Ho's friends made a bet on Min Ho as well to Dara, that if she kisses him, she'll win. During the concert, Min Ho found Dara by coincident (or not) and hang out with here there which I think he already fell for her. On the next day, Min Ho bought her clothes for his party. I think he's showing to his friends that he got her. When Dara came, she wasn't wearing the clothes that Min Ho bought for her, instead she was wearing the gangsta, cool chic or badass outfit and sexily walked towards him and gave him a kiss. She called one of Min Ho's friends and got a check (which I believe about their bet) and eventually tore it apart cause she's not interested with the money and she's not like Min Ho at all. I think both of them actually fell for each other (at least that's how I understood their facial expressions especially when Dara kept the can tab Min Ho gave to her). Though I find the MV quite hanging, I am rooting for a second part of this. I hope so.

Credits to jingyo0818 @ YouTube

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