2NE1 Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/10/25~26

Oct 27, 2009

Dara: Sad rabbit because my throat is swollen..wrapped around with a bandana/handerchief~~~ you are suppose to wrap a baby handkerchief
around it but I didnt bring any to the apartment so I borrowed
Bom’s pretty handkerchief. I tried making it like
a flight attendant’s style!! ^.^ Is it pretty?k k

**Get well soon Goddess Dara ♥

Dara: A little while ago while we were doing the FILA photoshoot
on a yellow background, I took this picture
and it’s turned out to be quite pretty!
I came here 365 days earlier
and although I was young, I was like that…?

**I really want that green jacket! T T


**That's my best friend's favorite song! ♥


**He-llo! He-llo! (singing GD and Dara's song! :P)
You are so fine, girl! ♥

Minji: Here I am with my grandmother^^ She’s always holding my hand and looking after me, my grandmother<3

**Minkki baby! I'm so touched! T T I'm happy to see you with your grandma ♥ Get well soon grandma ^^,

Minji: Today is Taeyang’s first stage~!!!
Everyone, please cheer him on and give him strength!~~~?

**Minkki baby is sooo sweet! Cheering up her Taeyang oppa! ♥

cr: 2NE1's me2day + 21evo & Aa-chan for translations

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