YG artits G-Dragon, Sandara Park and Gong Minji loves Doraemon too!

Oct 27, 2009

Special thanks to omo from Daragon headquarter for sharing
the Daragon Doraemon Tee ♥

It seems like Daesung is not the only one who loves Doraemon, it has been revealed that he got some three strong rivals here. Lol. These pictures are not new, Sandara Park on the left corner and Gong Minji on the right corner were taken during their pre-debut days. Look how young Minkki baby is at that pic, ain't she adorable? Sandara Park seems to have not been changed at all. Still looking oh so young until now. Envy, envy, jealous, jealous... Kawen-chan. Well, G-Dragon looks mighty fine with that sleeveless Doraemon there. They look like a family, no? A father, a mother and a daughter. How cute! ♥ (haha! Sorry, it was suppose to be Dara and GD only but I remembered Minji wearing Doraemon tees as well and sorry, I couldn't stop my fangirling mode. Also, I'll be adding Dae's pic with a Doraemon tee when I get my PC back! :P)

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