Kawen-chan is having some problems!

Oct 26, 2009

He-llo guys!

Apparently my PC is still sick and I'm still using our very old PC. I've no choice until my PC gets cured. Right now, I'm not only having some problems with the current PC that I'm using but also got some issues regarding my ISP. I could not access almost all the sites that I frequently visit; i.e. YGL, soompi, allkpop, blogspot, wordpress, me2day, etc. It's really depressing and I'm really frustrated about this. I could not update on time. I just wanted my PC back. T T

I want to update so much but then this PC and this ISP issues are hindrances to me. I miss my blog and everyone. I could access every sites right now but I know this wouldn't last long, I just hope things would get fixed soon. :(

Anyway, to those who were asking about GD and Dara's chat archives on their cyworld you can just click the banner on the right panel; the Daragon banner. If you have already an account in YGLadies then it's great, otherwise you'll have to register first.

Regarding with the Daragon Investigation, I do not want to post everything about them here. If you want to see all of those tons of investigations we had about them, you can just visit our thread by clicking the banner on the right panel, the same thing as I mentioned above. See you guys there!

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